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Flexxi Hosting

Guaranteed Resources with the Convenience of a Hosting Plan

Guaranteed Resources

Hosting Environment

Managed Support

High Performance

SSD Storage

Free SSL Certificates

What is Flexxi Hosting?

Flexxi Hosting gives you the resources of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the ease of use of managed hosting. Flexxi Hosting is ideal for when you reach the limits of managed hosting; you get guaranteed resources without the worry of managing a VPS - installing software, applying patches and monitoring the server, you interact with your site in the familiar environment of our control panel. With Flexxi Hosting you still get most of the advantages of a VPS.

If your high-performing site outgrows managed hosting resources but you don’t want the headache of managing a VPS, a powerful and a flexible alternative is Flexxi Hosting. With Flexxi Hosting, you choose the resources you need - like CPU or RAM - to ensure optimum site performance, and can easily adjust those resources as you grow. Flexxi Hosting ensures that you get all the resources available in a VPS, but in an isolated environment that is easy to manage, much like a managed hosting account.

Flexxi Hosting Plans

Flexi 5
Flexi 4
Flex 3
Flexi 2
Flexi 1

*  Flexxi Hosting 4 and 5 include Dedicated IP Addresses

Experience the Power of Flexxi Hosting!

The Power of a VPS in a Managed Environment

  • Managed Server
  • No Need for Extra Software Licences
  • Choose your PHP version
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • No Configuration, Hardening or Installation
  • Ruby and Python ready
  • Daily Backups
  • Shell User Access
  • Node.js Compatible

Media Labz Guarantees

Guaranteed with Every Flexxi Hosting Plan

99.99% Uptime

Flexxi Hosting Plans will have 99.99% uptime or we will give you a credit for downtime.

Managed Support

Flexxi Servers are managed and support is provided

Guaranteed Resources

The resources that you pay for are guaranteed to be yours and not shared with anyone else.

Secure Servers

Our servers have various layers to secure them as well as providing you with a secure hosting environment